WUT Campuses

1. Wuhan University of Technology is located in Wuchang, Wuhan, Hubei Province. There are two main campuses. One is situated on Mafangshan, 122# Luoshi Road, and the other is in Yujiatou, 1040# Heping Avenue, 17 kilometers away from the former. The regular bus service is available between these two campuses, besides you could also take the public buses No.804, No.702 or NO.540 etc.
2. The commercial network on campus could provide you with daily necessities. Moreover Zhongbai Supermarket and Asian Plaza Department Store are close to the Mafangshan Campus, and Shopping Mall, Xudong Supermarket and Metro Supermarket are near the Yujiaotou Campus. There are several public buses for you to get there.
3. "Campus Card" can give you a convenient payment for meal at every canteen, shops and hospitals on both campuses. You have to pay RMB20 Yuan as the pledge of a campus card, and then deposit as much money as you like whenever you want.
4. There are many kinds of banks that could offer banking service. If you find some difficulties in communication, we recommend you the China Merchants Bank, where most of the staff can speak English.
5. If you need to know some information about traveling, such as where to buy the tickets, please don't hesitate to turn to the International Students Section or to the staff at the Property Management Center.
6. Please take care while traveling. You'd better not have meals at some unclean restaurants, and pay attention to the taxi meter when paying for the fares. In case of any emergency, please call:
The Local Police: 110
Or the University Security Office: 027—87651110
7. Please take care of your valuables when you are traveling or on business, please try not to take much cash and pay with your bank card so as to avoid robbery.