No criminal record certificate processing procedures

StepⅠ:Apply the certificate in N9S204 Nanhu Campus and Get stamp from Security Office武汉理工大学南湖校区N9S204申请,并前往保卫处盖章

Address: On the back of Jianhu International Student Dormitory (Building No.12)鉴湖留学生宿舍12栋背面

StepⅡ:Get stamp from Hubei Province Wuhan City Hongxing Notary Office (Monday to Saturday ,Holidays excluded)前往湖北省武汉市洪兴公证处(每周一至周六,节假日除外)盖章

Address:20th floor, Zhongkekaiwu mansion,luojiashan Road No.19,Hongshan district,Wuhan,Hubei(Beside the main gate of Wuhan University)湖北省武汉市洪山区珞珈山路19号中科开物大厦20楼(武汉大学正大门旁边)

Necessary documents: Passport