Notice on The third Training Camp of ‘Experiencing China — Intelligence Makes the Future (Wuhan Station)’ for Chinese government scholarship students





Relevant universities:

In order to cultivate innovation momentum, promote the integration of industry, university and research, meet the scientific and technological needs of modernization construction, respond to the interest of international students in Chinese culture, and enhance the comprehensive quality and innovation potential, Wuhan University of Technology will hold the third Training Camp of ‘Experiencing China,Intelligence Makes the Future (Wuhan Station)’. Combining Huawei's basic software ecology, the training camp focuses on digital infrastructure and scenario-based applications, adopts the university-enterprise joint training mode, and organizes course training, enterprise visits, cultural experiences and other activities to promote in-depth exchanges among international students. These activities aim to give international students a comprehensive perception of China's charm, stimulate innovative thinking, and lay the foundation for future development. Interested universities should register and organize the activity according to the its requirements.

- 组织机构 -

 -Organizational Structure-


承办:武汉理工大学, 华为技术有限公司

Sponsor: China Scholarship Council

Hosted: Wuhan University of Technology, Huawei Technology Co., LTD 


-Activity Form and Time-








Online: From June 7th to June 16th, 2024

Offline: From July 7th - July 12th, 2024

Offline Location: Wuhan University of Technology (Nanhu Campus)

Form: The activity takes the form of online and offline, including online pre-learning on Huawei platform, Huawei technology innovation and practice, enterprises visits and Chinese cultural experience.

Cost: The organizers will cover the cost of meals and local transportation during the activity. The cost of accommodation, insurance, and transportation between universities will be borne by each university. 


-Registration Requirements & Procedures-

(一) 报名要求




(二) 报名流程

1、 请各高校在2024年6月6日(周四)之前,推荐优秀学员,并扫描指定的二维码,完成报名回执表的填写工作,同时上传学生的护照信息页(需包含签证的有效期信息)。


1.Registration Requirements : 

Language Requirements: Chinese language proficiency of HSK Level 4 or above is required. 

Student Major: Engineering majors, including Computer Science and Technology, Information Engineering and Technology, Artificial Intelligence, and Automation. 

Target Participants: International students in the third or fourth years of undergraduate studies, as well as master or PhD students.

2. Registration Procedure 

1). Please recommend outstanding participants from your university and complete the registration confirmation form by scanning the designated QR code before June 6th, 2024 (Thursday).  At the same time, upload the student's passport and visa page information.

2).Online pre-study, pre-course and written test

After successful registration, the organizer will provide a dedicated online learning link. Students will complete the pre-courses independently and the corresponding written test in the next week. According to the written test scores, the organizer will select the students with excellent performance, and they will be eligible to continue to participate in the offline courses of the second part.


-Contact information-

联系人Coordinator:蔡老师 Caicai


邮箱Email: caicai123@whut.edu.cn