Opend Day of international students of Huagong Science and Technology


On May 16th, the open day of international students of Huagong Science and Technology was successfully held in Huagong Science and Technology Intelligent Manufacturing Industrial Park.This event specially invited more than 120 university leaders, leading teachers and international student representatives from Huazhong University of Science and Technology, Wuhan University, Wuhan University of Technology, South Central  University of Economics and Law and other universities in charge of the work of international students. Thirteen international students of our school participated in the open day under the guidance of counselors.


Following the footprints of the general secretary of Xi jinping who inspected the company before, the participants visited the science museum of laser and  experienced in person the magical charm of the perfect integration of science and technology and art.The dazzling array of laser crafts in the exhibition hall was not only breathtaking, but also inspired the strong interest of international students in the field of laser technology.

随后,华工科技高管张总向参加活动的留学生作了全新的海外人才推荐奖励政策——Hero Plan宣讲,旨在吸引更多国际优秀人才加入公司,共同推动企业的国际化发展。在企业宣讲环节,公司的企业代表向留学生们详细介绍了各自公司的发展历程、企业文化及未来规划,展现了华工科技年轻活力的企业形象。宣讲结束后,国际学生们纷纷上前咨询,与企业高管进行深入的交流。为了增进学生们对中国传统文化的了解,公司还特别设置了有奖问答环节,参与者有机会赢取精美的国风小礼物,让同学们在感受中国传统文化的魅力的同时也让同学们体会到中国传统礼遇文化。礼轻情意重,精心挑选的礼物背后是华工科技求贤若渴的拳拳诚意。

Subsequently, Zhang Zong, an executive the  Huagong Technologycompany, made a new overseas talent recommendation and reward policy-Hero Plan to the international students participating in the event, aiming to attract more international talents to join the company and jointly promote the international development of the company. In the corporate presentation session, the company 's  representatives introduced the development history, company culture and future planning of their respective companies to foreign students in detail, showing the young and dynamic  image of Huagong Technology. After the lecture, international students came to consult and had in-depth exchanges with company executives. In order to enhance students ' understanding of Chinese traditional culture, the company also set up a special award-winning question and answer session. Participants had the opportunity to win exquisite national style small gifts, so that students could feel the charm of Chinese traditional culture while also helping students experience Chinese traditional courtesy culture. Behind the carefully selected gifts is the sincerity of  Huagong Technology ' thirst for science and technology.


At the same time, the leaders from the Hubei Provincial Department of Education, the leading teachers of colleges and universities and the leaders of Huagong Technology Company participated in the school-enterprise symposium arranged by the company to exchange and discuss the new mode of school-enterprise cooperation in international student recruitment.


Towards the end of the event, international students took photos together to record the beautiful moments they met with  Huagong Technology. They said that they look forward to  the opportunity to participate in such activities again in the near future and grow with  Huagong Technology.

此次华工科技Open Day的成功举办,不仅展示了公司秉持人才国际化战略和对国际化人才战略的重视和决心,也为校企双方开展更广泛的合作奠定了坚实基础。我校参加活动的留学生纷纷表示这次活动让他们更加深入地了解了中国优秀高科技企业的发展历史和取得的成果,也希望在毕业以后能够加入这一国际化大平台,共同开创美好未来。

The successful holding of Open Day not only shows the company 's adherence to the talent internationalization strategy and its emphasis and determination on the international talent strategy, but also lays a solid foundation for wider cooperation between schools and enterprises. International students participating in the activities of our school have expressed that this activity has given them a deeper understanding of the development history and achievements of China 's excellent high-tech enterprises. They also hope to join this international platform after graduation and jointly create a better future.

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