Chinese Corner| 国际文化交流协会“享劳动之美,迎艾叶飘香”主题中文角顺利举办



On May 24 th, the Chinese corner with the theme of " Enjoying the beauty of labor, welcoming the fragrance of mugwort leaves " was held in the activity room of Nanhu International Student Dormitory. This Chinese corner introduced Chinese and foreign students to two important festivals in China-Labor Day and Dragon Boat Festival. The purpose is to let Chinese and foreign students understand the charm of labor and experience the traditional customs of Dragon Boat Festival. In addition to enjoying fun, they can appreciate the unique charm of Chinese culture.


At the beginning of the event, the host first introduced the historical background and significance of Labor Day, emphasizing the importance of labor and respect for workers. Subsequently, the host explained in detail the origin, legends and customs of the Dragon Boat Festival, especially the tradition of eating rice dumplings and racing dragon boats in the Dragon Boat Festival, which aroused the strong interest of international students.



This activity specially sets up a manual site to make wormwood sachets by hand, so that Chinese and foreign students can feel the charm of Chinese culture in the experience. Under the demonstration and explanation of the host, everyone picked up the materials and began to make wormwood sachets. They carefully put the wormwood into the sachet,  sew each needle foot, and in a short time,  exquisite wormwood sachets were completed one by one. International students said that making mugwort sachets not only made them feel the charm of Chinese traditional culture, but also enhanced their hands-on ability and teamwork ability.


The atmosphere of the event is warm, and Chinese and foreign students actively participate in and communicate with each other. The successful holding of the Chinese Corner not only provides a platform for Chinese and foreign students to learn and communicate with each other, but also promotes understanding and respect between different cultures. At the same time, it also shows the charm of Chinese traditional culture and enhances the cultural self-confidence of Chinese students. This opportunity helps us inherit and protect the intangible cultural heritage of the Dragon Boat Festival in the name of labor, strengthens cultural self-confidence, and becomes the disseminator and promoter of Chinese excellent culture together with international students. In the future, the International Cultural Exchange Association will continue to hold more cultural exchange activities to provide more learning opportunities and exchange platforms for Chinese and foreign students.

供稿 | 张娇阳 马哈尔

审稿李理 李可心

编辑 | 陈蓓 龚建明