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  My name is Parker Lee. This is my second year to teach oral English in SQA Programme in School of International Education. I really enjoy the students of this programme and spending time with them learning about their hometowns, interests, and lives. Teaching is one of my passions and I hope to make learning fun! I think that’s the best way to learn. Incorporating games, activities, and interesting speaking opportunities provide the best atmosphere for engaging students. I understand some students can be shy or maybe their English is not as well as some others. But I hope that by the end of the year all of my students take a step forward in their English language speaking skills. Teaching does have its challenges and limitations and part of that is teaching at a pace that meets all of the students needs. As long as students are willing to participate this makes these challenges seem like small hills instead of mountains to climb over. Overall, I really enjoy my job! The students are what make teaching special to me. To see them enjoying learning brings me a lot of happiness and I hope I can continue to help them in learning, life, and beyond!

  我是Parker Lee,今年是我在国际教育学院英国高等教育文凭项目教授口语课的第二年。我非常喜欢这里的学生,很享受和学生交流他们的家乡、兴趣和生活。教学是我的兴趣之一,我希望使学习变得有趣我认为这是最好的学习方式。将游戏、活动和有趣的口语话题相结合,给学生创造一个良好的氛围。我理解有些学生比较害羞,或者认为他们的英语水平不如其他同学但我希望到本学年末所有学生都可以进一步提升英语口语。上课是很有挑战的,其中一个挑战就是要满足所有学生的需求。只要学生乐于参与其中,这些挑战都是微不足道的。总的说来,我很热爱我的工作而学生让这份工作我有了特殊的意义。看到他们享受学习也给我带来了幸福感,希望我可以继续在学习、生活等方方面面帮助他们。

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