Bachelor Degree Programs in English

Business Administration


Aims to foster professional middle and advanced business administration talents with the expertise and ability of management, economics, law, corporate strategic planning, image design, production operation, logistics planning and supply chain management. The graduated students should be familiar with the characteristic of enterprise and market economy in China, competent to engage in planning and the operation and management work of enterprises, institutions and government departments, and able to independently engage in teaching and research activities. Besides, these talents are required to have innovation ability, practical ability, competitiveness, good communication, and strong affinity in order to adapt to the development of the market economy. 

Main Courses: 


Financial Management, 


Human Resource Management, 

Corporate Strategy Management, 

Manufacturing and Operation Management, 

Corporate Imagine Management, 

Logistics and Supply Chain Management, 

Emotional and Management Communication 

Length: 4 years 


International Economics &Trade


The professional aim to foster senior specialized talents who master the basic theories of modern economics, especially international economics, master the basic knowledge and skills of international trade and international business, understand the present situation of international economic and trade development, and are familiar with international trade rules and practices as well as major countries’ foreign trade policies and regulations. To make sure these specialized talents are able to work in the department of foreign economic or trade, foreign-funded enterprises and foreign business enterprises as well as government agencies engaged in economic research and management. 

Main Courses: 



The Economics of Money and Banking, 

International Trade, 

International Finance, 

Accounting, Public Finance, Statistic, 

Econometrics, World Economy, 

The Practice of International Trade, 

International Marketing, 

International Investment, 

International Transportation and Insurance, 

International Business. 

Length: 4 years 


Mining Engineering


Based on decades of professional conduction and development, Mining Engineering is aimed to cultivate senior engineering and technical personnel with solid foundation and high quality to meet the needs of modern mining technology both home and abroad. Furthermore, the excellent graduates are provided with good practical ability, communication skills, creativity, sense of innovation as well as the abilities of production, management, design and scientific research in the field of Mining (metal and nonmetal mines), mine safety, blasting and geotechnical engineering, etc. 

Main Courses: 


Mining Engineering Surveying, 

Rock Mechanics, 

Blasting Engineering, 

Surface Mining, 

Underground Mining, 

Mine & Tunnel Engineering, 

Mine Lift and Transportation, 

Mine and Industrial Ventilation & Air-Conditioning 

Length: 4 years 


Civil Engineering


This program aims to produce senior specialized talents with fundamental theory and professional skills in civil engineering, and with the ability of engineering practice and innovation. This program provides graduates with multiple career pathways. The graduates will be competent for structural design, research, construction and management works in the fields of building, road and bridge engineering. 

Main Courses: 

Advanced Mathematics, Theoretical Mechanics, Materials Mechanics, Structural Mechanics, Engineering Survey, Engineering Graphics, Soil Mechanics, Engineering Geology and Rock Mass Mechanics, Foundation Engineering, Civil Engineering Materials, Fundamentals of Concrete Structure Design, Fundamentals of Steel Structure Design, Concrete Structure Design, Steel Structure Design, Bridge Engineering, Highway Subgrades and Pavement Engineering, Civil Engineering Construction. 

Length: 4 years 


Industrial Engineering


The professional aim to foster senior specialized talents with the knowledge, quality, and capacity of modern industrial engineering and systems management, who are competent to engage in planning, design, evaluation and innovation work in production, operation, and service system of enterprise. 

Main Courses: 

Fundamentals of Mechanical Manufacturing Technology A, Mechanical Designing, Operational Research, Operations Management, Statistical Quality Control, Production System Modeling and Simulation, Logistics Engineering & Facility Layout, Manufacturing Information System, Human Factors Engineering 

Length: 4 years 


Computer Science & Technology


This program is committed to train students to become applied engineering and technical talented professionals with a sound theoretic foundation, systematical knowledge and skill of the capability to carry out the scientific research, system analysis, system design, technical development, and management in the field of computer science and technology and capability of engineering practice in computer software and hardware development and application in science research departments, education institution, enterprises, technical and administrative departments. 

Main Courses: 

Discrete structure, Assembly language programming, Principles of Computer  Organization, Data Structure, Operating System, Principles of Compiler Construction, Principles of Database Systems, Computer Networks, Advanced Language Programming, and Software Engineering. 

Length: 4 years 


Logistics Management


The aim of specialty in Logistics is to train senior professional talents who are equipped with profound knowledge and quality of analysis, design and operations management of modern logistics system and supply chain system, together with necessary knowledge of natural science and social science, and with the capability of applying knowledge and scientific tools to solve practical problems, also with the strong competence to engage in scientific research, management decision and operation service. Besides, these talents are required to have innovation consciousness, practical ability, good communication, and competitiveness to adapt to the development of logistics. 

Main Courses: 

Supply Chain Management, Logistics Information System, Operations Management, Logistics System Modeling & Simulation, Sand Table Simulation of Business Operations.,Logistics Economic Geography, Green Logistics, Logistics Finance, International Logistics, ERP Principles and Applications, Port Production Management. 

Length: 4 years



Mechanical Engineering


The main objective is to cultivate the graduates with the sense of innovation, international cooperation, humanistic quality, professional ethics and responsibility for society. The aims of this program demand the graduates to master the fundamental theories about the design and manufacture of mechanical engineering and have the capabilities to apply theory into practice, and to be qualified in designing and manufacture, scientific and technological development, research for application and operational management. 

Main Courses: 

Engineering Mechanics, Engineering Material & Metallurgical Technology, Fundamental of Mechanical Designing, Fluid Mechanics and Hydraulic Transmission, Fundamental of Control Engineering, Measuring and Testing Technique, Foundation of Mechanical Manufacturing Technology, Foundation of Mechanical Manufacturing Technology, Measuring and Testing Technique, Numerical Control Technology, Practice of CAD/CAM and NC Machining, Course design of process and equipment. 

Length: 4 years