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Our names are Emily and Elsa and we have been teaching both Oral English course for the 2017-2018 school year in HND Programme. We have had the unique opportunity to teach all our classes together which has been fun and has created a dynamic in the classroom that encourages active participation from all the students. It has been so rewarding to see the improvement of the speaking abilities in the students that really want to learn English. It has been such a blessing to not only teach our students, but also be their friends!

Life in Wuhan has been exciting and so different than the culture we grew up in. Both the faculty at WHUT and the people of Wuhan have made us feel welcomed and at home here. The food is delicious and there are fun and exciting things/places to explore in Wuhan.

It has been enriching to learn about the culture and people of China from our students and we are so thankful for this year of growth and new friendships. We are thankful for the faculty and the way they welcomed us and made our time here enjoyable and assisted us in any way they could.

我们是Emily和 Elsa,2017-2018学年,我们在HND项目部教授学生英语口语课程。我们有独特的机会来教授课程,这很有趣。在课堂上,我们鼓励所有学生积极参与。看到那些真正想学英语的学生口语能力的提高是非常有意义的。这是一种幸福,不仅能教会我们的学生,也能成为他们的朋友!



(供稿:CSCSE-SQA HND项目部 Emily and Elsa