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Hi, my name is Ashley Morgan and I am a 3D Animation Lecturer at Wuhan University of Technology for the last four years of my career. 

I came to China in 2012, I chose Wuhan as it was the most central city in China which seemed to have the perfect balance of modern and traditional society. I came to Wuhan with no understanding of the Chinese language beyond the basic survival words and phrases. From a young age I was obsessed with Chinese and Japanese Culture, so when the opportunity came to teach my passion for Animation in a country I had fallen in love with from my youth I took the chance. 

It was a challenge, to move from my life in the UK to China and start fresh with no ability to communicate with the locals but it was fun nonetheless to just jump in the deep end and go for it. 

I have been fortunate to be surrounded by supportive colleagues and friends in my time here at WUT. The challenges and experiences I have had in China have developed personal and professional growth and allowed me to encourage students at WUTs School of International Education to embrace life overseas alongside their own passion/desire to be creative and expand their animation skill sets abroad. 

I have over six years of teaching experience in the UK and China, and wherever work takes me, my field of interest in education is Animation, Film and photography. I have seen previous students studying overseas such as Art & Design students in the UK who have later gone on to progress their careers from the time spent here at WUT. To know I had played a small part in their progression motivates me as a teacher which in turn inspires students to follow peersachievements. There is nothing better than seeing your students achieve their potential with a little help and direction from yourself over their time in higher education.

I always aim to provide an inclusive, multi sensory and  enriching learning environment for all learners, encourage personal development and support all in their chosen fields of interests. I am looking forward to continuing my professional practice and will continue to strive and grow as an education practitioner. 

One of the most rewarding experiences to be had in this world, is to leave all you know behind, to take flight from your nest and drop yourself in another country, another culture and experience the world from other peoples perspectives. 


                              Wales Undergraduate Programme:          Ashley Morgan

   嗨, 我阿什利摩根我是武汉理工大学中英艺术本科项目数字媒体专业的一名教师,这里已经工作四年


  我在英国和中国一共有超过六年的教学经验,无论哪里工作,我对教育的兴趣都是 "动画、电影和摄影"。我曾在英国见过自己在武汉理工大学教的学生,毕业后留学英国继续深造,我知道作为一个教师我在激励学生遵循同龄人并取得成就发挥了很小的作用,没有什么比看到你的学生在他们的高等教育时间里,自己能发挥一点点的帮助和指导来实现他们的潜能更好的事情了

我的目标是为所有学习者提供一个包容性的、多感官的、丰富的学习环境, 鼓励个人发展和支持他们所选择的兴趣领域。我期待着继续我的专业实践,为一个教育从业者继续努力和成长。 
  在这个世界上, 最有价值的经历之一就是离开你所知道的一切, 从你的巢穴中逃离, 把自己落在另一个国家, 另一种文化, 从其他民族的角度去体验世界。

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