Exemption Notice for Public Degree Courses(Ph.D&Master)

Exemption Notice for Public Degree Courses(Ph.DMaster)

Application Requirement and Course Score Standard


Application Requirement:  HSK certificate  Level 3 or above

Coursescorestandard for the exemption

HSK level



L5 or above

Course Score




2.Introduction to China

Application Requirement:

International Postgraduateswho have completed one previous degree or qualified foundation yearin the mainland of China and got this course score at least 80 canapply for exemption.

Coursescorestandard for the exemption : 80

Students who get permission of exemption of a course does notneed to participate in class studyand examination. The resultis recorded according to the corresponding standard. Any postgraduate who don’t apply with the first month of each semester will be regarded as giving up the exemption qualification and should attend class and examination on time.

Application Procedure

Send your application form (see attachment) and scanning copy of certificate or transcript to teaching@whut.edu.cnwith the email title “2021Y901/902*****(student number)+ Chinese/Introduction to China Exemption”

Application Deadline

October 29

(Please dowload application form from the attachment)