Vaccination Notice

Vaccination Notice

Dear International Students,

According to the notice from the universtiy, ISO is preparing to launch a free vaccination campaign of covid-19 vaccination among international students. The vaccination time will be announced separately. Currently, All the international students in Wuhan can decide whether you need to be vaccinated voluntarily. If you decide to participate in the vaccination activity, please register first.The registration address is: https://www.wjx.cn/vj/tjfAGcf.aspx;the deadline for registration is: 22:00 pm, March 14, 2021 (Sunday). The relevant notes are as follows:

1.International students currently outside of China do not need to register;

2.This vaccination is China National Medicine Wusheng New Corona Vaccine, twodoses per person, The interval is 28 days and suitable for people aged 18-59;

3.Do not drink alcohol one week before vaccination;

4.When vaccinating, you need to wear a mask and bring your passport;

5.Note the attached instructions for other vaccination knowledge and specific precautions.

                                                  International Student Management Office

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1、  境外学生不需要进行信息登记;

2、  此接接种疫苗为中国国药武生新冠疫苗,一人二剂,间隔28天,适用于18-59岁人群;

3、  接种前一周不要饮酒;

4、  接种时,需配带口罩,携带本人护照;

5、  其它接种疫苗知识及具体注意事项见所附说明。