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"Thousand Foreign Experts Plan" Professor Takashi GOTO Signed up for WUT


  "Thousand Foreign Experts Plan" Professor Takashi GOTO Signed up for WUT
  October 30th, 2017, the signing ceremony with Professor Takashi GOTO as the member expert of “Thousand Foreign Experts Plan” was held in WUT. Vice President Chen Wen of WUT attended the ceremony. Tang Xinfeng, Professor of State Key Laboratory of new technology for composite materials of WUT, firstly introduced Professor Takashi GOTO's curriculum vitae, then Vice President Chen read outthe acceptance notification of Professor Takashi GOTO’s membership in the "Thousand Foreign Experts Plan”, and afterwards, he on behalf of WUT signed the "thousand people plan" high-level foreign experts work contract with Professor Takashi GOTO.

  Vice President Chen Wen expressed his congratulations to Professor Takashi GOTO on his election and welcomed his participation in our university with the status of a “Thousand foreign experts Plan" expert. Vice President Chen highly praised Professor GOTO’s early close cooperation with our university as for believing that the cooperation had promoted the science and technology innovation, the personnel training and international communication in the field of Materials Science, especially in the region of functional ceramic film and coating.

  Vice President Chen Wen expected Professor Takashi to deeper cooperate with our university in the future, so as to carry out fruitful research in the forefront of international science and technology, to lead our university to become an important scientific research base in the field of functional ceramic film and coating, to guide the construction of innovative team of Materials Discipline and to cultivate excellent young academic leaders for our university, as well as in virtue of his worldwide academic influence, to lead our university to carry out international communication and cooperation, to host and participate in important international academic seminars, and constantly improve the social reputation and international influence of our university.

  Professor Takashi GOTO expressed his appreciation for being selected as the “Thousand Foreign Experts Plan” expert, and the willingness that on the basis of previous long-term good cooperation with our university to further strengthen the cooperation and communication with the Materials Discipline of WUT, as well as his hope for critical progress making and achievements.
  After the ceremony, Professor Takashi GOTO made a wonderful academic report titled “Synthesis of Nano materials by Chemical Vapor Deposition Chemical Vapor Deposition For SiC/SiC Composite” for the teachers and students of WUT.

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