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Nobel Prize Winner Chemistry Professor Jean-Marie Lehn Led the Delegation to Visit WUT for Lectures


  Nobel Prize Winner Chemistry Professor Jean-Marie Lehn Led the Delegation to Visit WUT for Lectures
  From October 23rd to 25th, the father of supramolecular chemistry, Nobel prize winner in chemistry, academician of the French Academy of Sciences and the foreign academicians of both the Chinese and the American Academy of Sciences, honorary Professor of our university, Jean-Marie Lehn, and another Professor krief Alain of the University of Namur in Belgium, Internationally famous scientists in organic chemistry, one of the pioneers and founders of the study of organic selenium chemistry, nominee for the Nobel Prize in Chemistry, came to our university to give lectures and carry out academic exchanges with scholars of our university.

  Professor Lehn brought a wonderful lecture titled "from matter to life: chemistry? Chemistry!" for more than one thousand teachers and students in the auditorium of west campus of WUT. In his lecture, he reviewed the developing history of chemistry respectively from the evolution of universe and from the chemistry and life. He offered a gluttonous academic feast for teachers and students by systematically expounding the molecular recognition and self-organization process from the material to the development of supramolecular tissue in life and from the generation of three-dimensional chemical concept to the molecular characteristics. More than 1400 teachers and students attended, who were respectively from the Materials science, Chemistry, Chemical engineering, Biology, Resources and environment. The heated interactive interlocution was carried out. The report was presided over by Vice President Zeng Chunnian.

  During the visit, President Zhang Qingjie cordially met Professor Lehn and highly praised him of his profound academic attainments and nobel academic reputation in the field of Supramolecular Chemistry; President Zhang pointed out that Chemistry is closely related to Material science, Life science, Medicine, Physics and many other subjects. And President Zhang hoped that Professor Lehn could guide the growth of young WUT teachers and promote the construction and development of related disciplines, lead our university to become an important scientific research base in the world, and constantly improve the social reputation and international influence of WUT.

  Professor Lehn and Professor krief also carried out academic symposium with our teachers, who are experts in related fields and representatives of the "Thousand youth plan”. The discussion also covered the further cooperation.

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