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Vice President Liu Zuyuan of WUT Led the Delegation to Visit Canadian Universities


  Vice President Liu Zuyuan of WUT Led the Delegation to Visit Canadian Universities
  From October 16th to 20, vice president Liu Zuyuan led a delegation to Canada, respectively visited Three Rivers campus of University of Quebec(UQTR)and Western University (University of Western Ontario) as well as other universities. Vice President Liu renewed the cooperation agreement with UQTR, and signed an intercollegiate cooperation memorandum with Western University. Vice President Liu also deeply discussed with the two universities as to strengthen the intercollegiate exchange and cooperation.

  During the visit in UQTR, Vice President Liu met Professor Daniel McMahon, the president of Quebec University. The two sides deeply discussed the exchange and cooperation in aspect of project cooperation and personnel training. Vice president Liu on behalf of WUT renewed the intercollegiate cooperation agreement with Vice President Robert Mantha of UQTR, and visited the Hydrogen Energy Research Institute and laboratory of Mechanical and Electrical Institute.

  In Western University, Vice President Liu Zuyuan conducted deep communication with Professor Mark Daley and Professor Jim Weese, both are vice presidents of Western University respectively in charge of scientific research and international affairs, as for carrying out research cooperation and the students’ joint training. Vice President Liu Zuyuan and Vice President Jim Weese together signed the memorandum of intercollegiate cooperation.

  The delegation also conducted deep discussion on the cooperation in scientific research and students training between the two universities in the related fields. The representatives of Western University attending in the discussion were: Academician Jin Jiang of School of Engineering; Professor Ashraf El Damatty, Dean of School of Architecture and Environmental Engineering; Professor Tony Straatman, Dean of the School of Mechanical and Materials Engineering; Professor Ajay Ray, Dean of School of Chemistry and Life Sciences; Professor Luiz Capretz, Vice Deanof Schoolof Electronics and Computer Engineering; Professor Miriam Capretz, Vice Dean of School of Engineering.

  In addition, the delegation held two overseas high level talents recruitment fair sat Mcgill University, Montreal and University of Toronto. Vice President Liu Zuyuan affectionately met part members of the Canadian Alumni Association of our university, appreciated for the assistance the Canadian Alumni Association provided to the overseas talent recruitment fairs, reviewed together with them of the development, changes and achievements of our university in recent years. Alumni also replied that they would actively make efforts to further enhance the influence of WUT in Canada.

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