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WUT Undergraduates Won Awards at MS&T in the US


  WUT Undergraduates Won Awards at MS&T in the US
  From Oct 7 to 13, six WUT undergraduate students participated the 2017 MS&T, including academic speaking, poster and Mug contests and competed with students from MIT, Princeton, Northwest, Pennsylvania and other prestigious universities, scooping a 2nd Award (Tian Chen, xs1401) and a 3rd Award (Gu Yuping, jd1401) from the poster contest in addition to excelling in the speaking and Mug contests.  

  MS&T was co-hosted by AcerS, AIST, ASM, TMS and undertaken by MA. It is also the first time for WUT undergraduates to put their creative products on exhibition. The students were greeted by Prof. Zhang Qingjie, WUT President, Prof. Liu Hanxing, School Dean of International Demonstration and other university leaders during their visit to the US, who highly praised the students’ amazing performance. 

  At MS&T, the students attended the academic sessions keynoted by Prof. Christopher A. Schuh, School Director of Material Science, MIT, Prof. Takashi Goto, Tohoku University, Prof. Christian, Kisiel Owski, Berkeley, University of California, Prof Nick Birbilis, Monash University and raised questions along the course. They all expressed that they found the exchange rewarding. 

  During the visit, our students joined the student presidents’ workshop under the initiative of Elites in Material Science and discussed heatedly with other attendants. They introduced the achievements of MA in WUT and exchanged ideas with peers. After that, they communicated with six MA students from Worcester Polytechnic Institute, expressing on behalf of WUT the willingness for further intercollegiate co-operation. 

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