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President Zhang Qingjie Leading a Mission on a Visit to American Universities


  President Zhang Qingjie Leading a Mission on a Visit to American Universities
  Oct, 10 to 13, President Zhang Qingjie, together with the WUT delegation, attended the MS&T2017, visited WPI, MTI and signed a co-operation memo with WPI. The two sides discussed proactively ways to enhance exchange and co-operation. The WUT mission also held successfully a job fair for highly-talented overseas personnel during the visit. 

  WUT’s High-level Job Fair at Pittsburgh
  In Pittsburgh, President Zhang was invited to give a keynote speech titled Global Energy Challenges and China’s Development of Thermoelectric Materials and Systems at the 2017 MS&T, co-hosted by AcerS, AIST, ASM and TMS. A high-caliber talents recruitment fair for WUT was also organized successfully at University of Pittsburgh. 

  Signing of Memorandum of Co-operation between President Zhang, WUT and President Leshin, WPI
  On behalf of WUT, President Zhang signed the memorandum of co-operation with Prof. Leshin, his counterpart in WPI during his visit to WPI. The two sides discussed constructively on engineering education, co-operative programs, talent education and so on. The delegation consulted respectively Prof. Heinricher, head for undergraduate affairs, and Prof. Rissmiller, school head of interdisciplinarity and global education on future co-operation. Prof. Bursten, WPI vice chancellor and Prof. Apelian, former WPI vice president also attended the discussion. 

  President Zhang talked with Prof. Lester, Vice President for International Affairs, MIT
  At MIT, President Zhang exchanged ideas with Prof. Lester, vice president for international affairs and Prof. Schuh, school head of material science and engineering on co-operative programs in material science, student exchange and some other relevant issues. The delegation visited the labs for undergraduates in the Department of Material Science, the labs for material processing and labs for porcelain and glass. They also discussed with Prof. Thompson, center head for interdisciplinary material research on the building of interdisciplinary labs, resource sharing and creative research. 

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