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WUT Hosted the First International Conference on Micro/Nano Machines


  WUT Hosted the First International Conference on Micro/Nano Machines
  The First (2017) International Conference on Micro/Nano Machines initiated by Prof. Guan, dustinguished professor of Yangtze River Programme and Vice Dean of School of Material Science and International Display Engineering, as well as a number of domestic Yangtze River Scholars in the area of Micro/ Nano Engineering and brilliant returned young scholars, was held in Wuhan from August 25th to 28th. Experts, scholars and students delegates from 14 countries, including United States, Germany, France, Canada, Spain, Israel, Japan, Korea, India and China, totalled to more than 200 attendees.

  Renowned scholars such as Professor Thomas E. Mallouk (member of The National Academy of Science and American Academy of Arts and Science), Professor Toshio Fukuda (member of the Engineering Academy of Japan), Professor Joseph Wang (Chairman of Nano Engineering programme at University of California, San Diego), Professor Peer Fischer (Head of the Micro Nano & Lab at the Max Planck Institute for Intelligent System, in Germany), Professor Oliver G. Schmidt (Director of Leibniz Institute for Integrative Nanosciences), Researcher Junbo Li (Director of Key Laboratory of Colloid, Interface and Chemical Thermodynamics of Chinese Academy of Sciences), Prof. Weizheng Yuan (Yangtze River Scholar, Director of Micro/Nano Actuator and Micro-Systems of China Micro & Nano Technology Association, Dean of School of Mechanical and Electrical Engineering at Northwestern Polytechnical University), Professor Jiangyu Li (Shenzhen Institute of  Advanced Technology, National Thousand Talents Program Scholar), Professor Jing Liu (Yangtze River  Scholar at Tsinghua University, Scholar of National Young Talents Programme), Professor Yanlei Yu (Yangtze River Scholar in Fudan University, scholar of National  Young Talents programme), Professor Qiuyu Zhang (Yangtze River Scholar in Northwestern Polytechnical University), Professor Yan He (National  Young Talents programme at Tsinghua University) as well as a number of Young Scholars attended this conference .
  Professor Qingjie Zhang, President of Wuhan university of Technology and member of the Conference Academic Advisory Committee, attended the opening ceremony. On behalf of the university,President Zhang expressed hearty congratulations to this conference and a warm welcome to all scholars at the conference. He briefly introduced the subject construction of material science. He believes that a close cooperation and mutual development will motivate future development of researches in the area of micro nano machines, even when facing a variety of opportunities and challenges. 

  Professor Jianguo Guan (Wuhan University of Technology), Professor Joseph Wang (University of California, San Diego, USA) and Professor Peer Fischer (Max-Planck Institute, University of Stuttgart, Germany) served as co-chair of the conference.
  Professor Guan Jianguo hosted the opening ceremony, introducing the preparation for the conference and the important schedule. He held that the fact that last year's Nobel Prize in Chemistry was awarded to the pioneers of the field of molecular machines indicated micro-nano machines would definatey benefit mankind, despite the current challenges. The conference attracted many influential scholars in the field and resuted in deep discussions, which would play an important role in guiding further developments in the field of micro-nano machines. Prof. Joseph Wang, Chairman of the Conference, presented the development of the field of micro-nano machines and placed expectations of the conference.
  During the conference, more than 50 experts and scholars from around the world made oral presentations around the conference theme "Micro-nano Scale Movement". The report covers the design, preparation and movement of micro-nano machines, and its application in environmental management, biomedicine, micro-nano processing, micro-manipulation and other important areas, showing the latest breakthrough, the future development trend and the great challenges in the field of micro-nano machines. At the same time, the participants carried out extensive and in-depth exchanges and discussions about the experience and problems in the design and preparation of micro-nano machines, as well as its future development direction and application prospects. Our associate research fellow Fangzhi Mou, doctoral candidates Ming You and Chuanrui Chen, made oral reports respectively on the research progress of light control micro-nano motor, magneto-motive motor and magnesium-based motor. In addition, the conference also displayed more than 50 posters. This provided a good discussion platform for young scholars attending this meeting and participants maintained a warm academic atmosphere throughout the conference.
  At the closing ceremony, Professor Peer Fischer of the Max-Planck Institute, Chairman of the conference, gave a summary of the conference and reviewed in detail several major pre-meetings related to the field of micro-nano machines as well as the development of this conference. He highly evaluated the results of this conference and expressed his heartfelt gratitude to the organizers and all the volunteers. Then Professor Jianguo Guan announced the excellent poster awards of the conference and the winners of the Young Scientist Innovation Award, and he invited Professor Thomas E. Mallouk, Professor Joseph Wang and Professor Peer Fischer to present prizes for the winners and outstanding volunteers. In his speech, Prof. Jianguo Guan held that the academic discussions in the past two and a half days covered almost all the important directions of the micro-nano machines, the discussion was very lively, and the reports were informative and enlightening. Through the exchange platform of this conference, scientists from various countries have increased their mutual understanding and established a deep friendship, which will strengthen their cooperation, thereby significantly promoting the rapid development of the field.

  This International Conference on Micro-Nano Machines is the largest international conference in the field so far. It will have an important and far-reaching impact on the solutions to major problems in the field of micro-nano machines, the opening of new research frontiers and its long-term development. Moreover, the conference will greatly enhance the international influence of Wuhan University of Technology and related research teams, and strengthen our country’s international competitiveness in the field of micro-nano machines and material subject.

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