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PPT Collections of 2016 Autumn Orientation

1A-Presentation of WUT

1B-Presentation of WUT

1C-Presentation of WUT


2A-Orientation Day

2B-Orientation Day

2C-Orientation Day


3A-Orientation_Dormitory Regulations

3B-Orientation_Dormitory Regulations

3C-Orientation_Dormitory Regulations


4A-2016.9.9Freshmen Education 新生入学教育-教学篇

4B-2016.9.9Freshmen Education 新生入学教育-教学篇


5A-Apply for an Admission @ WUT

5B-Apply for an Admission @ WUT


6A-Freshmen Entrance Lecture(Visa) 新生入学讲座(签证)

6B-Freshmen Entrance Lecture (Visa)新生入学讲座(签证)


7-Freshmen Entrance Education about Safey and Law


8-Entrance Education about Chinese Learning


9A-International Students Handbook-2016

9B-International Students Handbook-2016

9C-International Students Handbook-2016


1A-How to Make Use of Library A

1B-How to Make Use of Library B

1C-How to Make Use of Library C

1D-How to Make Use of Library D


2A-Opportunity and Challenge2016A

2B-Opportunity and Challenge2016B


3A-Health EducationA

3B-Health EducationB


4-College Student Sexual Knowledge


5A-Safety EducationA

5B-Safety EducationB


Contact information of International Students Office




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