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Apply for the CSC scholarship



As one of the earliest universities authorized to accept Chinese Government Scholarship students, we are very delighted of the cooperation with CSC and be one of the authorized universities who are capable to accept scholarship applications directly. We are working hard to provide all our students a fruitful and comfortable campus experience in China.

Apply directly to WUT 

One of CSC’s scholarship programs is Chinese Government Scholarship-Chinese University Program, which allow applicants apply directly to some authorized Chinese universities. We are very proud to be one of the earliest and leading universities joined in this program.
This program only accepts applicants apply for full study of master degree or doctoral degree.

Our organisation Code is 10497

When apply for scholarship offers by CSC to study at WUT, you must apply in CSC online apply system before apply to WUT, and download completed CSC scholarship apply form after your online application. And more importantly, you have to submit this form with other documents together to WUT so that we would differentiate you as a potential scholarship applicant.

You may need to know the organisation Code of WUT is 10497 which you will be asked to provide at very beginning of CSC’s online application procedures. The easy way to check is that when you input 10497, it should automatically show ‘Wuhan University of Technology’ at the right side of correct code, otherwise your input maybe wrong.

Please be aware that, wrong organisation code will make us unable to review your information in CSC’s system, and your application maybe cancelled as incorrectness.

Who will process your application

WUT will process your quality for scholarship and nominate to CSC for final prove and WUT will announce the results.

Apply procedures

·apply at CSC’s online system and input 10497 presents WUT at beginning;
·download scholarship apply form when finish apply online;
·Apply at WUT’s online system and submit scholarship apply form with other supporting documents.
·If your scholarship confirmed, we will inform you for following steps.

When to apply

For this scholarship program, applicants should apply to WUT between January to end of March. Please be aware that we are unable to accept scholarship application after March 31st.

You could read more on CSC’s website for this program’s details:

Apply to a Dispatching Authority

To different scholarship programs, there are different corresponding place to apply to, according to CSC’s policy, those places are called dispatching authorities, which could be Chinese Embassies, Chinese Consulates General, department of your government cooperated with Chinese Embassies or Consulates General, or some international organisations, etc.

To figure out where exactly your dispatching authority is, we suggest you to contact with your local Chinese Embassies or Chinese Consulates General. They will provide you more detailed information about this type of scholarship.

Oranization code for your dispatching authorities

Please enquire for the specific organization code from the place you should apply scholarship to. To some dispatching authorities, they would only provide this code to whom meet their nomination standard.
Please double check your oranizaiton code when apply at CSC’s online system, the easy way to check is that when you input correct, it should automatically show the exact place you apply to at the right side of the code, otherwise your input maybe wrong.

Pre-admission Letter

We encourage all applicants to apply for a pre-admission letter before they apply for Chinese Government Scholarship Program (except Chinese University Program). As a proof to show an applicant’s qualification of study in China, both some Chinese Embassies and CSC will prioritize the applicant with the Pre-admission Letter to those who do not have.

Who will process your application

Your specific dispatching authority will nominate candidates to CSC and CSC will process those who are applicable, and the results will be feedback to those dispatching authorities for final prove and results announcement.

Apply procedures

apply at CSC’s online system and input organisation code correctly;
download scholarship apply form when finish apply online;
Apply at WUT’s online system and submit scholarship apply form with other supporting documents.
We will email you a pre-admission letter if applicable
Submit all supporting documents with our pre-admission letter to where (correct dispatching authority) you should apply to.
If your scholarship confirmed, you will be informed by the place you applied to.

When to apply

Applicants should ask the certain dispatching authority for the apply time, and in general it will be between January to end of April. Please be aware that some of the dispatching authority will start their enrolment at very early time, even at end of last year, you should ask them as soon as possible in case of any delay.


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