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Visa to China

Visa to China

Please be aware that VISA’s policy may vary Embassy to Embassy, please check for the latest guide or instruction from Chinese Embassy in your country. You could search for your local or nearest Chinese Embassy or Chinese Consulates General at:


Here we would like to give you a brief understanding about VISA to China, and try to make you getting more prepared for applying a VISA to start your journey to WUT, China.
And we are unable to hold responsibility of any results caused by this instruction.


X1 & X2

Visa’s type depends on the information shows on supporting materials WUT provided to the applicants. Once an applicant get enrolled, WUT would provide at least documents as below to help applicant applying their visa to China:
Admission Notice
Form of Visa Application for Study in China (JW202 or JW201)

JW201 form is for those who will be sponsored by China Scholarship Council, and JW202 for is for those who will be sponsored by themselves or by their home countries, organisations, companies, etc.

There are two types VISA to enter China with the purpose of study:
X1, which allows the holder to stay in China for more than 180 days, for example, full degree study or long time exchange study;
X2, which allows the holder to stay in China less than 180 days, for example one semester exchange study.
If you find that information on the documents provide by WUT does not match your proposed study details, please do contact for further help.


Length to get a visa

It would generally take the Chinese Embassy more than 30 days to provide a valid visa. Thus we strongly recommend all readily students to apply their visas as soon as possible in case of any delays.

Please be aware that WUT is unable to hold the any responsibility of results caused by delayed visa-receiving, such as the overdue registration, etc., which normally will cause the result of cancelation of study status and the scholarship.


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