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A Letter to All Students

Dear students;
As the summer holiday is coming, I would like to notice you the following tips to ensure a safe, happy, healthy and nice summer holiday:
1.Traffic. Whenever you are going to visit relatives, travel or participate in social practice, please be careful of the traffic and strictly obey traffic rules. Don’t take illegal vehicles or carpool with strangers. Write down the car number, try to sit behind the driver, open windows in the night, notice the route anytime and improve self-protection awareness. Don’t let others know your phone is powered-off. When you are walking, remember to walk on the pedestrian crossing and don’t play on the road. When you are taking bus, let people off the bus first at the bus stops. Don’t lean out of the bus or take flammable and explosive dangerous goods. Don’t go to crowded place. Once facing crowded people, the best self-help method is to use the Human Microphone: briefly communicate with the nearby people quickly; shout out “Go back” rhythmically; invite the most peripheral people to join; the most peripheral people should evacuate quickly; don’t rush forward to look for your relatives.
2.Swimming security. Don’t go swimming in the site without safety facilities, rescuers or unfamiliar waters. Warm up before swimming to avoid the strain of muscles. Avoid blindly rescue such as hand in hand method to rescue drowning people. Shout out and throw floaters (lifebelt, paddle and foam panels) to make drowners floating. Call 110 or 120 immediately to decrease the occurrence of accident.
3.Avoid being stolen or swindled. Students have little social experience and are easy to be swindled. When you are traveling, please avoid talking to strangers. Accompany with friends when traveling for long distance. Besides, pay attention to your personal belongings and watch out for thieves.
4.Food. Pay attention to food hygiene to avoid food poisoning.
5.Internet civilization. Maintain cyber security and Internet moral. Reasonably arrange the time on Internet and do not be addicted to games. Do not spread or download the information that harms social stability or obscene content.
6.Safety of returning to the school. Don’t talk to strangers or disclose personal information. Refuse foods and drinks from strangers. Don’t drink alcohol. Girls should pay attention to the personal security, avoid getting out alone and dress skimpy clothing. Don’t go to place with rare people or take unlicensed bus. Please live in the regular hotel if necessary. Keep in touch with your parents and remember their telephone number. Go back school with friends. Please call the police when facing danger.
During the summer holiday, students should obey social morals, take care of public facilities, be polite and participate in meaningful social activities. Obey school arrangement, finish holiday assignments in time and go back school on time.
Finally, we wish you a safe and happy summer holiday.

                                                                                                                                        School of International Education
                                                                                                                                                     July 3rd, 2015


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