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Notice on Fun Sports Meeting by SIE

                                                                                                    16th, Apr., 2015
Dear all international students,
As planned by the student union in SIE, we are going to hold the First Session Fun Sports Meeting in the stadium of East campus at WHUT on the Saturday morning of May 9th, 2015.
Students, staff and international students will participate and compete together in this sports meeting. The registration form is attached. Please sign up as required during the period. All related units and departments should attach great importance to the sports meeting, organize it carefully, co-operate closely and form teams positively. The sports meeting will push forward fitness activities of students and staff and meet the requirement of the campus physical education culture and create a harmonious campus.
Any international student who is interested to join the sports meeting, please send the following information to liuwenjuan@whut.edu.cn before April 30th, 2015.
Full Name:
Passport No.:
Study Category: ( exchange, preparatory, bachelor, master, or ph.D) 


Appendix 2:
Activities and process:
1.Warm-up activity: Comparing the length of legs
8 participants form a team. Try your best to separate your legs and connect your feet with other team members ‘feet for 5 seconds. We will divide groups in terms of the length of legs. The team with the longest leg cover has the preferential options to choose opponent and events. Then the two teams will form a group and take part in the activity together.
2.Activity: Funny Just Go (4 small items)
Method: Choose 6 participants of the whole team and 2 participants in a small team. Go on small items draw by lot.
First item, let’s hug! (Start timing)
Two participants squeeze five balls in the posture of hug. Jump to the second item by bouncing bag.
The second item, catch the relay baton to continue the second item. Three participants use two legs to hold up the table tennis. It must be placed on the table tennis bat without the help of hands. Each participant has one chance each time to hold up one ball from the starting point to the destination (20 meters away, namely the competition area of the third item). The ball will be effective without dropping to the earth and placing in the designed container. If the ball drops, the participant has to restart the game.
The third item, fight with sticky notes. Two members are pasted by sticky notes of the whole body. They can’t use hands to shake off all the sticky notes. Run to the forth item.
The forth item, all the participants (no more than 8 persons) go on fetching water activity. Everyone fetches one disposable cup by mouth. The first participant pours water to the second cup. Go on in this way until the last person pour water to the required container with the required volume. Ring a bell and the game finishes. Teams will be ranked in terms of the time and accumulate scores will be noted by ranks.
3.Activity: Dodge ball
Method: Prepare a soft ball and play finger-guessing to decide the sequence. Throw the ball to the opposite team members. The team member will be withdrawn if the ball touches him. In particular, members should try their best to protect their queen or king. If the queen or king is touched, the whole team loses the game. If the ball touches the earth, bounces and touches the opposite team member, that member will be withdrawn from the game. If the opposite team member receive the ball by hand, he will not be withdrawn from the game. Team members can hide, but they can’t across the boundary.
4.Activity:Move Cautiously
Method: Divide the group into two teams and 4 participants in each team. One team starts at the starting point and the other team at the destination. Each team can be freely combined. Members in the starting point carry three bricks and the front member pile the brick and move forward for 30 meters, provided the feet can’t touch the earth. Members at the destination can carry the bricks and go back in the same way until all members across the boundary. Whichever use the less time will win the game. Ranked by time and scored by the rank. Other teams accumulate scores by rank.
5.Throw sandbag
Rules: Place the disk target on an even surface and define the boundary. Each team has five minutes to prepare. Round 1: The whole group stands in a line and throws one by one. Accumulate points by the scores. Round 2: Every member turns 10 circles and then throws the sandbag. Accumulate points by the scores. Round 3: Throw the sandbag supported by flat plate. Choose one member to go on throwing the sandbag supported by flat plate. The other member will get time prize by the supporting time. The base time of throwing sandbag is 30s. It will add 10s if the supporting time add 30s.
6.Activity: Running man
1)Invincible Hot wheels
1. 20 pieces of newspapers
2. Two adhesive tapes
3. Even earth.
Types of Game: team work
Objective: Each team uses the provided materials to make the newspaper to a crawler-type ring. All teams should walk to the destination under the guide of rules. Whoever takes the minimum time will win the game.
Rules and notice: 1. Stand by the hot wheels and wait for the order. 2. During the process, the hot wheels should be vertical and the provided newspaper can’t be cut.
2)Activity: Use one leg to run like a train
All team members stand in a line and only use the right leg for support. The member behind lift the shoulder of the front member and use the left hand hold the left leg of the front member. All teams stand side by side at the starting line. Start after the order is given. The whole distance is 20 meters. If the leg touches the earth, it will add extra 5 seconds.
3)Activity: N people N+1 legs
Every two legs are bounded together and the members should run forward.
7.Tear of famous brand
Rules: Every two team go on 1V1, 3V3 and 4V4 exchange of offensive and defensive (change offensive and defensive roles every 1.5 minutes). Each game has one arena match. Successfully tear of famous brand of the opposite team wins. This game will be won two out of three. The winning team will have chance to accumulate scores and losing team will not be scored.



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