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Melissa Araoune


My name is Melissa, I am 22. I come from INSA CVL, a college of sciences and engineering based in the Loire Valley in France. As an exchange student, I stay in China for five months to study Mechanical Engineering. Thanks to this exchange program, I discovered a wonderful country with its culture, its traditions and its history. Chinese people are welcoming, helpful and open minded. I want to state my gratitude to Wuhan University of Technology for the opportunity given and to the International Students office for their support. Academically, spend one semester abroad deepens our knowledge of foreign languages and brings an international perspective to our degree. Study here is an amazing experience, the atmosphere is friendly and multi-cultural. A lot of nationalities are represented, it is a really good way to open ourselves up to the world.

我的名字叫梅丽莎,今年22岁。我来自法国的INSA CVL大学,它是一所位于卢瓦尔河谷的科学和工程院校。作为一名交换生,我将在中国呆五个月来学习机械工程。感谢这个交流项目,让我发现了这个有着它自身文化传统和历史的奇妙国家--中国。这里的人民都很热情,乐于助人和开明。我也很感谢武汉理工大学和国际教育学院留学生办公室给与我的支持和帮助。学术上,在中国学习的这一个学期加深了我对另一种外语的理解,也扩展了我专业领域上的国际视野。在这里学习是一种惊奇的体验,气氛是友好的,文化是多元的。来自世界多民族的交流,真的是向世界展示自身的一个很好的方式。


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