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Hussein Ghaleb


I’m Hussein Ghaleb, from Yemen. I came to China in 2006. The major point why I came here to study was because I was really curious about the culture and the people. In my home country a lot of people talked about the advantages of studying in China so I made my decision to give China a try.
At first I started studying Chinese language in Guangzhou. I stayed there nearly one year before I made my decision to come to Wuhan to continue my study at Wuhan University of Technology. A friend, who was studying at WHUT as well, suggested me to come here because of the good abilities to study Chinese here. Till now I’m really happy that I decided to study here.
Wuhan gave me much more opportunities to practice my Chinese than I could ever found in Guangzhou. So I started to study Chinese language for one year before I started my bachelor in International Economic and Trade. After the 4 years of my bachelor studies the Wuhan University of Technology offered me a scholarship to continue studying a Master degree. I’m really glad and proud to study my MBA here at this University and hopefully I can go on to study here my PHD as well.
Now about my life beside the studying. Like every foreigner who comes to China for the first time, it is hard to get used to all the new things here. The new language, all the new people you meet with all their different mentalities, the food and so on. But after you got used to all this you will start to enjoy your life in China.
Till now there is still a lot of new stuff for me in Wuhan. Even after six years this city and the people here let me learn a lot of new things. It will never become boring here as well it became kind of my home.
The most important thing at the beginning is to learn the Chinese language and the most important habits to understand the people here and to treat them with respect. As long as you do this they will always try to help you and invite you to experience their daily life and their culture.
So all in all I can only recommend all of you to start studying here at Wuhan University of Technology, here you will find good friends, great teachers who are willing to help you any time and great experiences with a total new culture.

我是Hussein Ghaleb,来自也门。我2006年来到中国。我来这到这里学习是因为我真的很好奇中国文化和这个民族。在我的家乡,很多人都谈论在中国学习有很多优势,这也促使我来中国试一试。





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