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MouhamadouMoustapha BARRO


Hello everybody!
My name is Mouhamadou Moustapha BARRO (保罗),I’m from Senegal (塞内加尔)。I came to China since 2008, I’ve learned Chinese Language for one year and earned a Computer Science bachelor degree at Wuhan University of technology in July 2013, and now I’m enrolled  by the Chinese Government Scholarship Council for a master Degree in Telecommunication Engineering in Wuhan University of Technology. My life in China has been great despite all the difficulties I encounter during the beginning of my stay because of the help of the International student office, my classmates, my teachers and my friends. Chinese people are very friendly, I have a lot of Chinese and foreigner friends, I enjoy living and studying in Wuhan University of Technology. China is a wonderful cause u can study very well and also learn a lot about Chinese large history and culture.
Welcome to China!!!
Welcome to Wuhan University of Technology!!!


我的名字是Mouhamadou Moustapha BARRO (保罗),来自塞内加尔。2008年来到中国,首先学习了一年汉语,20137月获得计算机科学学士学位。现在我以中国政府奖学金生攻读武汉理工大学的通讯工程硕士学位。尽管在刚来中国的时候遇到了一些困难,但在我的老师、同学、朋友和国际教育学院留学生办公室的帮助下,我现在武汉理工大学生活和学习都很好。中国人民非常友好,我有很多中国朋友和外国朋友,我喜欢在武汉理工大学学习和生活。中国是一个很神奇的国家,在这里你可以很好学习,也能学到很多关于中国大历史和文化。

欢迎来中国! ! !

欢迎来到在武汉理工大学! !


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